Sonoma County Permit
     An inspection can save you money and aggravation
Home Inspections

Sonoma County Permit is available to prepare reports on construction repair costs and permit fees. I advise clients on the achievability of obtaining permits and the viability of planned projects. I also can do research into whether segments of a building or buildings were completed with permits and if they were not I can help assess what may be required to legalize a structure. This information is not available in a standard home inspection report which basically looks at just the condition of buildings. Information that identifies serious potential problems is useful to both purchasers and sellers of real property.

I would be happy to look at a property for free and if a written report, tailored to your needs, is required, it may be obtained at reasonable rates.  I work with both buyers and sellers and am also available for realtors, banks and professional investors. With just a phone call I can give you a clear idea of if and how we may be able to help.