Sonoma County Permit
     Drafting and Design Services
Drafting and Design Services

Sonoma County Permit started when I needed plans and drawings for my projects working as a contractor.  I really wasn't a very good draftsman. And I had a lot of history of being a not very good draftsman. A gentleman's C in a ninth grade drawing class and a sketch of a tire that might have been OK on the Flintstone's comes to mind. At any rate I could not draw very well, it was true, but on the other hand, from the time I was 8 years old, I was stealing lumber from the neighborhood construction sites and building tree houses, underground forts, bridges, and a host of other things. So while I couldn't make a straight line to save my life, I could figure out to build a secret hideout 40 foot up a tree.

A lot of people can learn how to make nice drawings. They can learn a complicated Computer Drawing program even. But very few actually have 30 years experience building things. I have been a successful licensed contractor in California since 1986. You do the math; I don't like to think about it. Before that I worked up and down the east coast doing things like constructing beach houses, renovating mansions, restoring railroad cars, fixing wooden roller coasters and building docks.

Somewhere along the way, I taught myself how to use the computer to draw. I got rid of the smudgy eraser marks and sloppy lettering that so annoyed my ninth grade drafting class teacher. I draw plans for my work and I draw plans for homeowners, business owners and other contractors for a variety of purposes.  Plans that are easy to understand and satisfy the needs of contractors and the government agencies looking over their shoulder.

Years of experience as a working contractor give me another edge when it comes to the design of your home or remodeling projects. Every day I am out in the world purchasing materials, coordinating with sub-contractors and making choices about methods of construction. And every day I am paying those bills. When I start a drawing project I have already determined the least expensive and most efficient method of construction possible given the needs of my client.  I have determined if the project is even feasible from a contractor's viewpoint. When we are done you can be sure that my experience as applied to your project has given you the most cost efficient design currently available.

So if you have a design and drafting project that needs a smart construction design professional, give me a call. Thanks.

Design and Drafting Projects

                New homes

                All remodeling projects

                New decks

                Kitchen and bath remodels

                House lifting and foundation work

in flood prone areas

                Foundation repair and replacement designs

                Legalizing illegal construction

                Tenant improvements

                Light commercial construction

                Restoring casualty damage-fire, storm, etc

                Conceptual design sketches